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Overview of Pankration

Pankration is an ancient system of fighting that evolved into a sporting event that was held in the original Olympic Games. By mixing ancient boxing and wrestling (in its original form of submission grappling vs. the modern freestyle wrestling) it effectively was the first Mixed Martial Arts style and sports combat event and has been the influence to many other styles over the ages.

In its modern format Pankration has seen a resurgence that pre-dates, but coincides with, the resurgence of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Pankration is simply the codification of best methods to teach someone how to handle themselves in self-defence, open combat sports and military applications. It’s philosophy of health, strength and fitness is applied by all practitioners as a way of mastering the mind and the body.

Striking, throwing and submission techniques all come together into a holistic system. In Pankration you are not limited to one mode of practice. By learning to strike, wrestle, counter, throw and submit opponents you are then able to combine these into a flow.

Pankration is also unique in that it is taught not only as a complete fighting system but also as a sports system, where martial arts skill and prowess are tested in various formats.

To echo the Pankrationist motto - they are "The best wrestler among the boxers, or the best boxer among the wrestlers”.

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