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NSW Championships
(Pankration, No Gi, Kickboxing)
15 May, 2022

IMPORTANT! Please make sure you register before the cut-off date!

We are happy to announce that after a break due to COVID-19, we will be hosting the 2022 NSW State Championships on Sunday 15 of May at The Fight Lab in Tempe


Due to continuing COVID-19 restrictions the competition will run a little differently than in the past.

  1. We will be running weight classes at nominated times to avoid too many people being at the gym at the same time.

  2. Each athlete is only able to bring their coach and one other person to watch them compete.  There will be no other spectators.

  3. All athletes, coaches and spectators may not compete if they have any symptoms of COVID-19.


All entries must be received by Saturday 7 May.  There will be no exceptions and no entries on the day.  Our head of the Technical Committee and National Coach will then complete the draws.  You will then be notified as to what time to attend for weigh in and your fight.


As you can see there are some changes but a lot will be the same as before COVID-19 and we are really looking forward to getting back to what we all love best: watching some of the best fighters in NSW compete!

To register, please complete the following forms and email them to

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