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Pankration grading system

The following is a brief outline of the grading structure. 


As variations and skill development are endorsed students may learn techniques in any order as recommended by their instructor. The use of the grading system is in place to set a minimum standard for progression in Pankration.


White Grade

Ʈˊ Badge

  • Beginner stage which introduces the basic concepts

  • Striking methods include jab, cross, uppercuts, rear and round kicks

  • Various break-falls, rolls, giant strides and other movement drills

  • 360 degree mount drill, arm drags, single and double leg from knees

  • Combination strikes and bridging range


Yellow Grade

Εˊ Badge

  • Flow developed between skills and the start of the competitive skills

  • Blocks and leg checks mixed in with striking

  • Bear hug take down, single and double legs, counters to take downs

  • Arm-bars, bridging, Figure 4, Rear chokes, Sweeps

  • Combination blocks, strikes, take-downs and submissions


Orange Grade

Δ Badge

  • Solid grounding in striking, throwing and submissions

  • Parry combos with striking

  • Inside/outside trips, low single legs, combination singles, doubles, sweeps

  • Guard attacks and counters including arm-bars, chokes and sweeps 

  • Combination striking to combination throws to submission


Green Grade

Γ Badge

  • Mixing in slipping and evasions to striking

  • Higher throws such as elbow, head and hip throws, leg catches and sweeps

  • Side control attacks and counters, headlock escapes, calf attacks, additional sweeps

  • Countering kicking to sweeps to ground submissions


Blue Grade

Β Badge

  • Rolls and other evasions with striking and kicking

  • Duck under, picks, sweeping hip throws

  • Back sweep, knee ride attacks, front control, triangles

  • Combination sweeps to knee ride to finishes


Brown Grade

Α Badge

  • Knees, clinch work, elbows

  • High altitude throws, fireman's carry, underarm spin, rolling knee bar

  • Slashing arm-bar, standing passes, rolling chokes and locks

  • Mixing in all striking to high altitude throws to dynamic submissions


Black Belt Equivalent

Π1  Badge

  • Proven combat excellence under duress.

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